Who is

Hunter & Girton

Hunter & Girton is a Folk infused Alternative Rock band consisting of members Jonathan Hunter and Dakota Girton, a pair of singer/songwriters from rural Indiana. 

The band released an independent album entitled "Something From Heaven," in 2016 and an independent four song EP in 2019, both of which were sold and distributed at live shows. The band also released a series of independent singles, which can be found on streaming platforms worldwide.

Currently, they are working on a line up of new singles that will be released at the tail end of 2020 through Nashville, TN based MC1/Sony Orchard. 

This original duo combines mellow folk tunes with hard-hitting alternative rock ballads in a unique story-telling fashion. Inspired by the lyrical genius of the 60's and the heart pumping adrenaline of the late 90's, the duo has paved a path through the crossroads of Indiana and surrounding states. 

In 2020 the band received a Josie Nomination for "Song of the Year," and "Duo of the Year." They currently play throughout the entire state of Indiana and do small regional tours to surrounding states. Their outreach is expected to increase even more in the near future, through live shows and new music.